​Montessori Curriculum

At Sully Montessori students are offered a rich, challenging, well rounded Montessori curriculum. The curriculum includes; Practical life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and cultural studies, with the inclusion of History, Geography, Science, Spanish, Yoga, Art and Music.


Practical Life Exercises:

These are daily life activities and include pouring, washing, polishing and many more. Children love these activities.

With proper use of these lessons students develop; independence, attention span, concentration, patience, tolerance, gross and fine motor skills. These also help children learn to be organized and develop the characteristics of a well adjusted member of their community. While walking in class they ensure to use quiet feet, use indoor volume during conversation and tidy up after they finish work by placing materials back on the shelf.

Sensorial Exercises:

Sensorial comes from the words sense or senses.

 For learning about the world around us, humans need to be able to use their senses fully. The purpose of sensorial lessons is to engage visual, olfactory, gustatory, auditory, tactile, and stereognostic sense. Children learn about abstract concepts like big and small, rough and smooth, short and long, names of many geometric solids and shapes. Many sensorial lessons are precursors to later math and geometry lessons.



Development of language begins as soon as a child is born. In class, children are encouraged to learn communication skills.

With the use of these lessons students develop strong language skills, vocabulary and phonemic awareness. Using a variety of tactile and manipulative materials, they learn to read and write simple words and gradually move towards complex thoughts. Students later begin to work on higher level lessons involving complex reading and writing exercises.  



 Using manipulative materials students learn abstract math concepts. These include counting in sequence, from one to ten, understanding the concept of zero, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of up to four digits. All these lessons are used based on the child’s interest and pace.


 Cultural lessons: 

 These lessons include topics from the areas of history, geography, botany, zoology, art and music. Each month students learn about a variety of topics. For students, in addition to related art projects, many indoor lessons and out door activities are available


We have a strong focus on learning Science/Technology, English and Math. ​During the year we focus on multiple science,math, and english related topics. 

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