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Thank you for your interest and Welcome to our awesome home based Montessori preschool :) 


Following Dr. Maria Montessori's principles, here, children are offered authentic and affordable, well rounded Montessori education in a safe, nurturing and mutually respectful environment. 

Sully Montessori is ideal for full time moms and their children. Being home based allows SM to offer the best of both worlds!  Be small, cozy, and nurturing like home and offering immense amount of attention to each student, becoming a partner in your child's education and a friend who understands your family, culture, customs and values. Knowing  your child's strengths and  helping him/her receive a customized education based on a deep understanding of child, family and the Montessori method. 

With out a doubt Sully Montessori maybe the perfect bridge between home and elementary school. 

I am Ms. Ameena and Sully Montessori is my passion and my dream! I love helping students learn and grow by sharing Montessori information with parents. This information allows parents to understand the method and teach their children Montessori lessons at home. This partnership helps children blossom at an amazing pace. Strong, mutually, respectful and frequent communication between families and me is a major part of my philosophy. I envision myself as a partner with parents, guiding students to achieve their full potential in academic, social, emotional, physical, intellectual and moral development. 

Our classroom community culture is warm, friendly, helpful, respectful and cooperative. Children learn to be great friends, students and excellent leaders. 




At Sully Montessori students and parents are offered:


Daily communication with parents via pictures, video clips and in person.

Authentic, premium  Montessori curriculum as defined by founder, Dr. Maria Montessori in a respectful, Happy, Safe and Nurturing Environment


Affordable Monthly tuition.

             Pure / traditional Montessori curriculum. It includes: Language, Math, Practical Life, Sensorial, History, Geography, Science, Art and Music.

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Strong focus on: Cognitive development, Social, Emotional Skills, Science, Math, Language, Positive Classroom Behavior, Independence, Problem Solving and Executive Skills

15 years experienced Prestigious AMI ( Association Montessori Internationale) certified lead teacher.


CPR and First Aid certified.

Beautiful, fully clean, organized and nurturing environment where your child's needs come first. 

Fully equipped classroom for all areas in the primary phase ( 2.5- 6 years) Your child will be offered age and skill appropriate  authentic Montessori materials and lessons

Healthy snacks

Small class size of up to 4 students.  Children benefit from individualized and group learning.

flexible schedule. 2, 3 and 5 day per week options.

Year round enrollment.

Hours of operation: 

Monday - Friday

9:00am-12:00 pm. And 12:00pm-3:00pm

Prepare students for gifted and talented pro​gram

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email montessorian@gmail.com

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