At Sully Montessori, students are offered unparalleled attention in all areas of developement.  

Focusing on each student's overall well-rounded academic, social, emotional and behavioral growth, Miss Ameena has sucessfully taught many students reading, writing, math, history, geography, art, Spanish, yoga and most importantly positive classroom behavior.

Below please read what Sully Montessori families have to say:  

Our 3 year old son is nearly complete with his first year at Sully Montessori. We couldn’t be happier with our choice to pursue a Montessori-based foundation for learning with Ameena. Our initial impression from observing classroom interactions was that she was extremely patient and kind. Being new parents, we had some work to do in that area as we struggled to direct the complex and emerging emotions of our son. Her school truly embraces the Montessori philosophy by guiding children to discover, observe, and learn from themselves and their peers.

Sully Montessori is a small, home-based Montessori program chock full of the traditional Montessori-based materials. Ameena uploads pictures and videos containing highlights of the children for each day, which is a great way to observe progress and facilitate family discussion. Overall the intimate, collaborative atmosphere has helped us become better parents and teachers. Before our son enrolled Ameena had us slowly introduce him through a series of short parent/student visits. While somewhat logistically challenging, the slowly increasing duration helped him become accustomed to the school routine. One year later, our son is much more independent and able to express his emotions and ideas much clearer. Ameena also encourages periodic parent visits for observation and cultural/educational activities.

In the early years of a child’s development it is critical to establish the basis of learning, empathy, and social interaction. We were very fortunate to find a pre-school that fostered such an environment. We can’t say enough about our son’s growth educationally and emotionally and would whole heartedly recommend Sully Montessori to other parents, especially those struggling to navigate the complexities of parenthood.


Sally and Brandon Jasionowski

Having just relocated to Northern Virginia, my husband and I were in search of a learning environment for our three year old daughter. Her three older brothers had attended the same preschool in Georgia so we found ourselves starting from scratch in a new community. We were encouraged to contact Sully Montessori School as an educational option. From the moment Mrs. Ameena opened her door, we knew Harper would thrive. The warm, nurturing environment is complimented by a hands-on learning curriculum.

In just a short time, we have seen a dramatic difference in Harper's independence, confidence and inquisitiveness. Her development is documented regularly through video clips sent via email by Mrs. Ameena.

This allows us to track her progress and the fun she is having throughout the school day. Perhaps most importantly, Harper has developed meaningful relationships and camaraderie with her classmates. 

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Harper through her Montessori education and are quite thankful for having found such a nurturing learning environment for her.

Elizabeth and David (Harper's parents)

My almost-5 year old started preschool here 2 years ago and we love it! Ameena is such a thoughtful, patient, and caring teacher! She is laying a wonderful, strong foundation for our child to learn the skills he needs to succeed in school and life! 


The environment is based on patience, comfort, and individualized learning. We have appreciated the small environment (no more than 5 children) as it provides the kind of one-on-one attention we were looking for. Ameena has excellent communication with us - sending us videos and photos daily, plus texting us for particularly significant achievements/milestones. Parents are encouraged to be as involved as they would like - being able to come in, observe, and participate in class until the child is happy and comfortable in the environment.


Can't wait to start our daughter there this coming fall! 


Thank you,


"Since my son has been attending Sully Montessori School, I have seen many improvements in his emotional and intellectual well being. His listening skills have significantly improved. He has learnt his numbers and letters as well as a variety of other lessons. Ms. Ameena is a caring, patient and very knowledgeable about preschoolers and Montessori education. As a teacher myself, I highly recommend her school to any family."

Cindy A

" As an elementary school teacher and aparent of a student at Sully Montessori, I am very pleased with the education my daughter is receiving.  Ms. Ameena Sadiq provides an authentic Montessori experience in the comfort of her own house.  I feel this home environment and the wonderful teacher to student ratio provides the children with an outstanding education in a very nurturing environment.  Throughout my 11 years of teaching, I have taught many children who have had gaps in their learning as a result of a lack in their education foundation.  Ms. Ameena Sadiq has the children doing so many wonderful activities that allow the children to work at their own pace to prepare them correctly for future Montessori lessons and the rest of their life, while preventing gaps in the children’s learning.   My daughter has flourished since first attending Sully Montessori.  Her speech, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and overall knowledge have grown by leaps and bounds.  Ms. Ameena Sadiq always shares what my daughter is working on in school and what I can do at home to help her excel at school.  I am thrilled that I have found such a dedicated, talented, and nurturing teacher for my daughter.  I am looking forward to another wonderful year at Sully Montessori." 

Stephanie McWhirt

"Our son thoroughly enjoyed his year at Sully Montessori School.  We especially appreciated Ameena’s individualized approach to each student as well as the small class size.  Our son has some areas in which he is developmentally delayed (speech, fine/gross motor) but others in which he is extremely advanced (math, reading, etc.).  Ameena did a great job of motivating our son to work on his weaknesses by incorporating his areas of strength and interest into lessons which focused on developing his weaker areas.
 Also, where possible and appropriate, Ameena was happy to incorporate activities recommended by our son’s occupational and/or speech therapists into his school day. 
Ameena always kept us updated on our son’s daily progress and also gave us things to work on with him at home to enhance his development. 
 We hope our son finds quality teachers like Ameena as he moves on to elementary school.  We highly recommend the personalized attention of Sully Montessori School."

Jill & John L.

"Our older daughter was one of Ms. Ameena's first students at Sully Montessori.  We were both a bit unsure about a home based Preschool however Ms. Ameena put us right at ease.  She is a wonderful, caring, patient and organized teacher. Even after moving further away, we wanted our younger child to attend Preschool at Sully Montessori.  The one-on-one attention they each received at Sully Montessori School has helped them to continue to thrive.  We are happy with the foundation Ms. Ameena has provided for them, not only academically, but also with their physical and social development. Even now, as former students, they are still very fond of Ms. Ameena!"

Aida & Abou Kalley

"I was introduced to Ameena's Montessori program while skiing last winter in Virginia.  The mother who I met told me her son, who is now a teenager, was Ameena's student and absolutely adored her. She mentioned that Ameena's teaching style was exceptional.  I've been sending my 3 year old daughter to the program since then and the experience has been excellent.  In a short period of time, my daughter has learned many of the methods used in the Montessori curriculum through Ameena's patient and kind encouragement.  She knows how to work with children and how to make sure they are receiving the right amount of attention.  Ameena allows the child to first try to learn on their own but provide assistance whenever its necessary.  She provides individualized attention and works at the pace of the child, allowing the child to be comfortable while learning.  What I love most is how she works with the parents as a team and incorporates them in the child's development.  A true testament to Ameena and her program is that if my child hasn't gone to her for over a day, she will ask when she'll be able to go back."

Faiza Baig

"Ms. Ameena and Sully Montessori were a special find for our family.  The intimate montessori environment was just the right experience for our pre-school aged daughter, and "Miss Ameena" was just the right teacher to lovingly teach her everything from the best way to wash your hands, to math and world culture.  We always knew that when our preschooler was at Sully Montessori she was safe, and in a happy, learning environment.  Now that she has moved on to kindergarten, we still fondly talk of Ms. Ameena and her preschool experience.  I'm sure we will be in touch with them for a long time to come!"

Jenny Snocker

"Our Daughter has blossomed and thrived at Sully Montessori!  Everyday she is eager to show us what she can do, what she has learned, or something new she observed interacting with her classmates or within the Children's House.  She gets extremely excited about showing us how she writes her name and her growing skill to sound out letters she sees in books (she just turned four).  Moreover the life skills she practices gives her a sense of accomplishment and confidence which she is all to proud to display at home by watering the plants, washing the table, and helping set and clear the table for meals.  It is evident to us by how our daughter talks about her class and Miss Ameena that Miss Ameena makes the children feel heard and understood in a way that also challenges them and helps them learn boundaries and respect for others.  Our daughter's confidence, self-awareness, and joy in learning, really marveling at the world around us, has been a great gift to have returned to us for the time we have given her to Miss. Ameena."

Steven Marbach​

"My daughter has been attending Sully Montessori for almost 2 years now and my husband and I cannot wish for a better and more nourishing environment for her. The teacher is very attentive, energetic, experienced and highly professional. She creates a warm and at the same time a structured atmosphere for all of the children.
We trust the teacher completely as she shares our priorities and expectations: safety first, in everything the children do; making kids feel welcome and happy; positive socialization; and academical achievement. My daughter development is ahead of what normally is expected at her age, and I give most of the credit to Sully Montessori."

Tatiana Silvera

​"Miss Ameena is amazingly the best teacher ever out there! My boys attend Sully Montessori, the school has small group and with that kids get lots of teacher’s attention, interaction, care and support. I can’t imagine having my kids elsewhere. Miss Ameena is very gentle and respectful to the kids. The kids here are loved, engaged, enriched, cared for and allowed to be themselves.
My older son started going to Sully Montessori when he was three years old, he just turned five, his reading level is pass kindergarten standards, and he’s not in kindergarten yet! He knows lots of sight words, can count and write past 100 and know simple math additions and subtractions. He’s now doing math addition everywhere we go around town like grocery store, at the mall etc. He’s very independent and confident. 
It only took about two weeks for my youngest to go from a toddling toddler to such an independent and responsible little boy. He can clean up after himself, put on his clothes and zip his pant and jacket!
We have schools much closer to our home, but are happy to make the drive in order to be a part of Miss Ameena’s wonderful class. We have experienced nothing but great things from Sully Montessori. We really thank our neighbor who introduced us to this wonderful teacher! Thank you Miss Ameena for providing us peace of mind knowing our kids are well cared for! 

Chichi Inyang