I love my work! Every day my students bring in lovely smiles and make my day brighter and happier :)

 Ms. Ameena is a nurturing, kind, loving and very patient person who loves to work with children. She partners with parents, guiding students to achieve their full potential in academic, social, emotional, physical, intellectual and moral development. 

 She is an Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) certified teacher with 15 years of Montessori teacher's experience.  Ms. Ameena was one of the very few to be trained under the supervision of Dr. Montessori's student, Mrs. Gool K. Minwala. In addition, she holds a bachelors in English literature from Karachi University. 

 During her teaching carrier she successfully prepared students to enter gifted and talented programs in addition to effectively working with children with learning differences.

 Before opening Sully Montessori she worked at two prestigious Montessori preschools as a lead teacher.  In 2007, recognizing the need of a pure and traditional Montessori preschool in her neighborhood, she set up a fully equipped primary Montessori classroom in her home. Her mission is to offer individualized education using the traditional Montessori Method and philosophy in order to support each child's development.


 Currently she is working  on being a certified teacher for children with reading difficulties and Dyslexia. 

In addition, she has attended many workshops on social emotional development.


Ms. Ameena